Natural Flax Linen Properties - Why it is so GOOD!

Flax is chemically similar to cotton, but much stronger and stiffer, more sunlight resistant, super absorbent and fast drying fabric. The natural colour of flax can range from beige to light grey depending on the region it is grown. The best linen comes from Europe due to the perfect climate for the flax growth.
Flax is known by the official name as Linum Usitatissimum. Only the finest and longest fibres of flax plant are used to make quality linen fabric. It is three times stronger and five times more durable than cotton. In time linen gets softer and brighter so instead of losing the quality - linen improves. By comparison with other fabrics linen is highly breathable and creates best microclimate for our skin. Fabric will feel cool when warm and warm when cold – no wonder it’s called “Second Skin”.
Linen fabric can absorb water up to 20% of its own weight and still feel dry. Pure linen is one of the most natural fabrics which work great with human body, so it is non allergic, antiseptic and has antistatic properties. Linen is highly recommended for people with sensitive skin and these properties have been known from Middle Ages and widely used to help people with skin problems.
Flax mixes perfectly with other fibres by enriching and strengthening their properties. Naturally linen has slight crease to its look, but this feature is well known and accepted worldwide as quality signature.
Flax fibres and linen fabrics are fully biodegradable and have zero impact to our nature and health. In comparison to other fabrics - linen requires much less water or any chemicals to grow and mature. It is 100% used after cultivating and nothing is wasted! It is much stronger than cotton and mixes well with most organic fibres.
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