Natural Linen Masks - are they Effective?

Today, Face masks and mouth covering have become the main piece of accessory in our daily life. If made appropriately and worn correctly a face covering can prevent us from getting unwanted viruses or bacteria.
The variety of protections have grown rapidly, however, not all face masks are equal.
Face covering
Wearing a mask is now a necessity for everyone in most countries. But due to a large population, there is a higher chance for personal protective equipment shortage. To make sure we all have our own protective face mask, health authorities recommend cloth masks as alternatives.
In addition to wearing a mask, the current situation requires us to regularly wash our hands, maintain social distance in order to stay and keep others safe. However, with the wide variety of different fabric masks, it can be difficult to decide - which type of mask suits you best?
In fact, all depends on several factors such as the quality of the fabric, and how the shape of the mask fits on your face.
The best mask should offer you protection and convenience at the same time.
Why is it Important to Wear a Face Mask during Pandemic?
There are lots of discussions going on about the effectiveness of the face masks. However, in a crisis related to health, it's always the best to rely to the recommendations of the health institutions.
If infected people sneeze or cough, they release droplets that carry the virus into the air. Also, saliva droplets travel up to a distance of six feet from the source. For this reason, wearing a mask, maintaining social distance and disinfecting is our new norm.
Such actions are necessary to avoid coming into contact with those respiratory droplets, which increases the spread of the virus.
Additionally, the same droplets can dissolve into the air and become aerosols. Once dissolved, the aerosols can travel to even longer distances and can be inhaled into the lungs. What happens afterward, perhaps, we know it all!
Masks act as protective gear because they prevent you from inhaling the infected aerosols.
Face Masks Made of Linen
Softened natural linen is in fact the best natural fabric available today! Linen naturally is antimicrobial and does not allow any antibodies to live and thrive in it. Due to its structure and properties linen fabric is a great material for Face Coverings and Face Masks.
Soft linen has the following characteristics:
  • Exceptionally breathable
  • Natural and ecological
  • Antimicrobial and hypoallergenic
  • Easily to clean
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly
What's more, you can wash your linen face mask once dirty or just pour a boiling hot water over it and simmer for 10 minutes - then let it dry. It's also possible to clean the mask with a washing machine at 40C at gentle cycle. Check our Linen Care Guide for more details.
No wonder that linen has been used for thousands of years already and is gaining his rightful place at the top of best fabrics today. See our full range of Natural Linen Products -
Although linen masks aren't substitutes for medical masks, using them appropriately ensures more effective results. At the same time, surgical masks stand as the best solution for protecting yourself and others from the spread of Covid-19, but don’t forget that these masks are single use and have to be disposed afterwards!

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