Pure Linen – Sleep Well!


Ever wondered just how much of our lives we spend sleeping or just being in bed? Well, if we base it on an average of eight hours of sleep per night that would mean we are tucked up in bed for one-third of a day. So on average person spends 25 years of their life – dreaming and probably even more if you would count other time spent in bed!

While we choose comfortable and cosy clothes and shoes for the day time we most definitely have to think about our sleep and bedding needs at night. No wonder at Pure Linen we take the most care to create the best linen and bedding products! Natural linen is the perfect fit for our requirements and has time-proven properties to work with our skin, is a non-allergic and highly breathable fabric. It has the best moisture absorption and also drying features which ensure that you will be at the most comfortable level in the bed while cuddled between linens.

Linen fabric is very easy to care for, is resistant to fading or yellowing. It is naturally a very strong fabric that becomes even softer after every wash. Other fabrics will wash away and deteriorate in time while pure linen gets better and softer with time.

Natural linen fabric is slightly wrinkled and not even, but do not worry - it is the well-known feature that tells it is really pure flax linen and not something different. Slight wrinkles show quality and high standards of flax linen fabrics.

Flax plants are one of the most ecologic and leased requiring any special care or huge quantities of water for growing or processing. Due to the nature of the plant, there are no harmful chemicals being used at any stage of the process. All our pure linen fabrics are OEKO-TEX® certified, followed strict manufacturing guidelines and are free from harmful chemicals. So when you do end up falling asleep, you can rest easy knowing you have the best quality linen against your skin!


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