About Us

For Us Linen is not just a Product, it is our Life!

Since childhood, we were surrounded by linen and linen products, we know how it is grown, cultivated and made into a fabric or other unique products used on daily basis. Linen has always signified purity, natural feel and fragrance of nature. There is no other plant or fabric so natural to humans as Flax Linen!
We are the second generation of time tested traditions in producing the finest linen products for your home and lifestyle. A combination of experience and modern technologies allows us today to create unique and luxury products - items that are sustainable, eco-friendly and durable.
Pure Linen is a family run business and our products are designed, handcrafted and tested at our workshop in Letterkenny, Ireland. We are a part of Pearl Alterations company and specialise in linen fabrics and the production of linen goods for hospitality, home and industrial sectors. As we are a family business, it allows us in maintaining the highest quality and preserve the authenticity of linen products. We are committed to ensuring that our products are sustainably produced and are environmentally friendly. Linen is fully reusable and is one of the few plants requiring fewer sources for growth and production, every little bit of flax plant is used – nothing is wasted!
Our fabrics are sourced from the best producers in Ireland and Europe which are Oeko-Tex certified meaning they are absent from any harmful substances or chemicals.
Pure Linen products are ranging from bathroom, kitchen to bedroom and dining use, but definitely are not limited to it. If you still can’t find a suitable product or size or looking to personalise that special purchase (e.g. embroidery), please write to us and we will be happy to help with any custom requirements.

Our Mission

At Pure Linen, we like to ensure that every person can enjoy the highest quality linen at its best and at the most affordable price! Once, linen was used universally around the globe and we will do our best to make that possible again!